Board repair made Simple

Introducing SimplePatch, it's not a piece of tape!

We have done all the hard work....

First, we carefully cut a piece of fibreglass cloth (the same glass fibre your board is made from).

We then infused the fibreglass cloth with a precise amount of UV curing resin.

Finally, we packaged it with a clear application film – so you don’t get resin on your fingers.

All you need to do is....

Peel open the patch.

Apply to your board.

Cure in the sun, then peel off film.

How to fix a crack

Apply 1 x SimplePatch

How to fix a hole

1. Apply SpeedFill, Cure & Sand
2. Apply 1 x SimplePatch

  • The fastest and easiest way to fill deep holes and gouges in your board prior to applying a SimplePatch.
  • Lightweight and easy to sand, SpeedFill is like sanding foam, it takes seconds to sand flat and smooth.
  • It has a non-runny formula which allows for easy filling with no messy drips or spills.
  • Fast UV cure allows you to get back in the water quickly.
  • Cures white to match the foam colour of most boards

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Why repair with SimplePatch?

It’s so Simple to apply. Repair your board in minutes.

NO tools required - NO cutting glass fibres
NO mixing resins - NO need for gloves - NO sanding smooth

The finish is amazing.
No sanding smooth required.

Strong permanent repair.
Same fibreglass and resin that is used to make your boards.

Cures clear.
Perfect for any coloured boards.

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The 3 fundamental reasons to repair damage to your board are –

  1. Restore its strength – Small cracks in the boards fibreglass skin can significantly compromise the boards over all strength. If you have cracks in the rail of your board this can create a weak point and lead to a full board break if not repaired structurally.
  2. Prevent water entering foam core – Water in the foam is not good, it weakens, discolours and adds weight to your board.
  3. Making Safe to use – Cracked fibreglass can be razor sharpe. Any board with exposed edges of fibreglass should be repaired before using.

When professionally repairing the fibreglass skin of a surfboard, a piece of woven fibreglass cloth is cut out and placed on the repair area and resin is applied with a brush to wet out the cloth. When cured this forms a reinforced repair area that is rough and uneven and needs to be blended into the boards surface. Blending is carried out by sanding the area and applying several coats of resin, sanding between coats and finishing by sanding with several different grades of sandpaper to achieve a smooth blended repair. This repair method is well suited to a factory where multiple repairs are carried out daily by a skilled repairer. To do this method as a one off repair is not viable as the processes require several tools, take considerable time and skill and there are a lot of consumables that are one time use ( masking tape, scissors, gloves, mixing equipment, and sandpapers).

There has to be an easier way? There is and it’s SimplePatch!

We start with a piece of woven fibreglass cloth, similar to what is used to make your board, we then infuse with a precise amount of UV curing Polyester resin to ensure the fibreglass is perfectly wet out and combined into a patch that is as simple to apply as a Band-Aid. Our patented designed SimplePatch is applied with a clear application film that allows you to position and apply the patch to your board without coming in contact with the resin, as well has containing the glass and resin while it cures to your board. Once cured the application film is peeled off leaving a perfectly smooth blended repair that requires no sanding. Just Peel and Go!

No resin on your fingers, no mixing equipment, no brushes, no gloves, no masking tapes and sandpapers.. You can now repair your board anywhere in minutes. So simple!

Another repair method available is to apply resin with premixed glass fibres. This method provides a waterproof barrier, however because the glass fibres are very short and not woven this method provides very little strength. If you have ever repaired a board this way you will know that the biggest problem with this method is it is messy and extremely hard to sand smooth without power tools.

There is no comparison, Simplepatch restores the structural integrity of the fibreglass skin of your board permanently. Repair tape may keep the water out for a limited time but will not restore any of the strength of the fibreglass skin. If you have a crack in the rail of your board this can create a weak point and lead to a full board break if not structurally repaired. Bottomline if you have no other option available using repair tape is better than nothing though only just.

Fix your board anywhere

Get back in the water in minutes!